Donor Testimonials

Wes and Catherine Painting, Annuitants


“Our gift, through the charitable gift annuity program, is so
much more than giving us secured and guaranteed income, at an exceptional rate, for the rest of our lives. We are absolutely amazed at all the good that is taking place at OhioGuidestone. No one can do it quite as well. Each time we go to the main campus for a visit, or receive our update at our home, we learn something new and hear more good stories and statistics that show why it is such a wonderful cause. The charitable gift annuity program is a good investment and we would give even more if we could. We definitely recommend the program, from the cause to the investment.”



Jim and Carolyn Bakker, Legacy Society Members


“It was by chance that we came to know more about OhioGuidestone
and we have been thrilled to be a part of their ministry. We contacted the OhioGuidestone's Advancement Department and they were very helpful in working with us to establish the Andrea Bakker Endowment Fund, and keep in contact annually to let us know how the fund is working to improve lives. The Andrea Bakker Endowment Fund is named in memory of our daughter, Andrea, who we sadly lost in a tragic car accident coming home from spring break in 2002. We know that in her memory something good is being accomplished each day in giving hope and opportunity to children and families in need and this gives us solace and great comfort.”


Bruce and Stacy Hunt, Shelly and Korey Hinkle, George and Sandy Smart, Annual Fund Donors


“I had the opportunity to witness the growth and development of children in need when I volunteered at OhioGuidestone while I was in college. These children had experienced so much hurt from the past," said Stacy. “This season, our families just really wanted to make a difference in an amazing way. The Hunt’s, Hinkle’s and Smart’s all made gifts to OhioGuidestone, and could not be more satisfied and confident knowing that our gifts positively impact children’s lives.”


Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Annual
Fund Donor


We have been taught that giving is simply the right thing to
do to help the ‘least of these’. It is our obligation as church members to give back and it is what scripture guides us to do. Seeing what is done at OhioGuidestone is the right thing to do, and from our charitable contribution to volunteer service, it fills us with satisfaction and delight to carry out the Lord’s work.”