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Services in Summit County

OhioGuidestone is built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise - rooted in faith and a legacy of serving children and families in need for over 150 years. Our programs serve the most vulnerable individuals in our community. Since 2005, OhioGuidestone has been providing services in Summit County (location and directions).

Counseling for Adoptive Families

Through individual and family counseling for foster-to-adopt and post-adoptive families, our counselors help adoptive families strengthen relationships and focus on specific mental health needs of the adopted child, to help increase adoption placement success. Go here to learn more.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

When our youngest clients display emotional disturbances, behavioral difficulties or adjustment problems, our Early Childhood Mental Health program intervenes to address the needs of children ages 0-6 years. The program offers a specialized, community-based treatment approach that strengthens the child’s mental health by building a relationship between parent and child. Treatment is held in comfortable, familiar environments for the family, including home and school environments. Go here to learn more.

The Family Nurturing Center of Ohio™

We are part of a network throughout the United States that teaches nurturing parenting skills to families and parent educators. Our trainers can teach others the Nurturing Parenting curriculum in a group setting or in the family home. The program can be adapted for different family dynamics and demographics including teen parents, foster and adoptive families, military families and families of many different races. Call 440.260.8405 to learn more.

Foster Care

Our foster care program offers placement for children in county custody who are in need of loving homes. Through our medically fragile program we place children with medical problems, handicaps, developmental disabilities and/or traumatic separation issues, from birth to age 18. Our treatment foster care is an alternative to residential care for emotionally troubled children ages 4–18 years who need to learn ways to deal with unhealthy behaviors. Foster caregivers receive extensive training and support and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. We are able to serve youth in counties throughout the State of Ohio. Go here to learn more.

Home and Community Based Counseling and Support

Our counseling services offer personalized, professional support to children, adolescents, adults and families in the home or community setting that is most convenient and comfortable for them. Go here to learn more.

Maternal Depression Counseling

Our experienced mental health professionals help empower pregnant and parenting mothers and promote healthy mother-child bonding to new moms who may be struggling as a result of the recent changes in their lives. This approach helps moms build a support system within the family and the community. Go here to learn more.

Nurturing Parenting Groups

Our Nurturing Parenting Groups serve caregivers that are in recovery and their children. These groups focus on building parenting competence, increasing protective factors, and increasing social connectedness. Parenting can be stressful, but in this program you will learn to strengthen your family relationships and add joy to your parenting strategies and to your life.


Our Protect/Victim Program is designed to work with youth victims of sexual abuse who are experiencing significant physical, emotional, social, cognitive and behavioral problems as a result of this abuse. Our therapists and case workers are clinically trained to work with victims of trauma and abuse. Our Prevent Relapse Occurrence Team with Enhanced Case management & Treatment (PROTECT) program, is an Ohio Department of Youth Services certified program that works with juveniles with sexual behavior problems to eliminate any reoccurrence of sexual behavior problems through a variety of integrated services. Call 440.260.8300 or email for more information.

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is provided to adults in recovery from addiction and/or mental illness. This peer recovery support model inspires hope and assists others in recovery by proving them with a role model for wellness. Those who have lived through these experiences are able to help others see the positive results of recovery and help encourage them to stay well, despite many of life’s stressors. Please call 440.260.2916 for more information.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available for individuals who require additional support, beyond counseling, to deal with life’s challenges. Our psychiatrist/nurse practitioner helps improve everyday functioning through assessment and medication that is monitored closely throughout the treatment process. Call 440.260.8300 or email for more information.

Recovery 360

Our Recovery 360 services work with individuals to overcome co-occurring substance abuse and mental/behavioral health problems. This community or office-based service supports the recovery process with individual counseling, case management, and crisis management. Our therapists and other service providers are trained in both mental health and chemical dependency.

Youth-Led Prevention

Youth-Led Prevention is designed to engage and embrace young people as partners in their own personal development, teaching them to make healthy lifestyle choices, providing a no-use message against all substances, and involving adults in a guiding and supporting role. In this unique model, students play an active role in planning, implementing, and evaluating school-wide substance abuse prevention initiatives. Call 440.260.2916 to learn more.

Youth Mental Health Support

Youth Mental Health Support aims to mitigate issues that arise out of mental health problems and reduce the recurrence of symptoms for youth. By decreasing the impact of the illness and promoting positive mental health, the program helps create a positive, supportive environment for the individual, as well as for their family and community. Call 440.260.2916 for more information.