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Services in Cuyahoga County

OhioGuidestone is built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise - rooted in faith and a legacy of serving children and families in need for over 150 years. Our programs serve the most vulnerable individuals in our community.


OhioGuidestone is a proud supporter of the MyCom Youth Development Initiative, serving as the neighborhood lead agency for the Parma, Parma Heights and Seven Hills neighborhood.

Bright Beginnings

This home-visiting program serves at-risk families and children, from pregnancy through kindergarten. Parent educators teach caregivers at every stage of development and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to support the heathy development of their child in all areas. The program also works with parents to help improve their particular situations through goal setting and connections to community resources. Call 440.260.8962 to learn more.

Counseling for Adoptive Families

Counseling that supports and strengthens adoptive families by identifying emotions that impact behavior. Go here to learn more.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Our Early Childhood Mental Health Program works with children from birth to school age who are struggling with emotional or behavioral difficulties, stress or developmental adjustment problems. We offer treatment designed to strengthen relationships, in particular the parent-child relationship, and work on the specific mental health needs of the child. According to the family’s needs, sessions can be held in the home, childcare facility and/or school. Our therapists are specially trained to work with the unique needs of parents and their young children. Go here to learn more.

Foster Care Services

Our foster care program offers placement for children in county custody who are in need of loving homes. Through our medically fragile program we place children with medical problems, handicaps, developmental disabilities and/or traumatic separation issues, from birth to age 18. Our treatment foster care is an alternative to residential care for emotionally troubled children ages 4–18 years who need to learn ways to deal with unhealthy behaviors. Foster caregivers receive extensive training and support and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. We are able to serve youth in counties throughout the State of Ohio. Go here to learn more.

Help Me Grow

This state-wide program for first-time expectant parents and children ages 0-3 provides health and developmental services to help children start school healthy and ready to learn. This program supports families with health information, positive parenting education, and connections to community resources. Available in Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Tuscarawas counties. Early intervention therapy services are also available for children with developmental delays in Tuscarawas County. Go here to learn more.

Home-Based Family Treatment

Our unique, home-based counseling offers intervention for families who need intensive child, youth, adult or family counseling, delivered in the family home. Our counselors work with a wide range of concerns including mental health issues, family communication, anger management, parent-child conflict, behavioral problems, alcohol and drug issues and effective parenting. Go here to learn more.

Integrated Treatment

Our integrated treatment service works with individuals to overcome co-occurring substance abuse and mental/behavioral health problems. This community-based service supports the recovery process with individual counseling, case management, and crisis management. Our therapists and other service providers are trained in both mental health and chemical dependency. Call 440.260.8300 or e-mail to learn more.

Juvenile Justice Programming

In collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, our juvenile justice services aim to divert children in legal trouble from official court proceedings or assist youth on probation through community counseling and other supportive services. Our services are provided either in the community or the family home and range from case management and counseling to specialized treatment approaches for substance abuse and significant family conflict. Call us at 440.260.8417, or email us to learn more.

Maternal Depression Counseling

Our services are offered in the family home to pregnant and postpartum women and teens struggling with depression or anxiety as a result of the recent changes in their lives. Our experienced mental health professionals help empower pregnant and parenting mothers, and promote healthy mother-child bonding. Go here to learn more.


This program helps at-risk women have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, with the goal of reducing the infant mortality rate for babies under one year of age. Our program includes developmental screenings, parenting skills education and links to needed services. Available in the City of Cleveland. Go here for more information.

Outpatient Counseling

We provide personalized, professional services at our outpatient counseling offices to address a wide range of issues including parent-child conflict, marriage or relationship problems, anxiety and stress management, depression, grief, loss, abuse, victimization, drug and alcohol issues and other mental health concerns. Go here to learn more.

PROTECT Therapy Services

Our PROTECT (Prevent Relapse Occurrence Team with Enhanced Case Management & Treatment) programs work with youth with sexual behavior needs to provide multiple types of counseling and case management, individualized for each client. Go here to learn more.

Psychiatric Services

These services are available for individuals who require additional support, beyond counseling, to deal with life’s challenges. Our psychiatrist/nurse practitioner helps improve everyday functioning through counseling and medication that is monitored closely throughout the treatment process. Call 440.260.8300 to learn more.

Recovery 360

Our Recovery 360 services work with individuals to overcome co-occurring substance abuse and mental/behavioral health problems. This community or office-based service supports the recovery process with individual counseling, case management, and crisis management. Our therapists and other service providers are trained in both mental health and chemical dependency.

Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment Campus offers a variety of programs and services for children with mental health conditions or dual mental health and substance abuse problems, who have been abused or neglected, or are part of the juvenile court or child welfare system. Residential treatment provides a continuum of high quality, state of the art services designed to meet the individual needs of children and adolescents and help them work through past trauma and problems, strengthen their social skills and decrease the likelihood of future out-of-home care. All programs include a full complement of mental health, room and board, as well as educational services from J & G Snow School, located on our residential campus. Go here to learn more.

School-Based Counseling and Support

Our program is designed specifically for the school setting and includes individual, group, parent and family counseling. Our counselors address the social-emotional learning needs of students struggling with behavioral health concerns. Working in the schools allows counselors the ability to consult with school professionals, helping to improve a student’s ability to learn and thrive in the academic setting. Go here to learn more.

Supported Visits Program

Our program helps with the reunification process between parents and children who have been removed from their custody. The program strives to improve the quality and number of parent-child visits so that children can return home more quickly and experience fewer placement changes while away. We also help parents increase their understanding of and ability to meet their children’s needs. Call 440.260.8416 or e-mail to learn more.

Workforce 360°

Our workforce development model, Workforce 360°, provides individuals with workforce training and helps them find and keep meaningful employment. We do this through a unique training approach that helps individuals become confident in a professional setting while also empowering them in their personal lives. The program addresses individual needs with a full-spectrum approach, preparing our participants to enter a professional work environment and succeed. Workforce 360° guides and coaches individuals for short- and long-term success in four areas: personal skill development, practical life skill development, professional skill development and customized occupational training tracks. Our program also offers intensive employment support through the first year of employment, to help with any job retention obstacles. We offer four training tracks: In School Youth Employment, Out of School Youth Employment, Adult Employment and Employment Partnership Programming. Select programming. Go here to learn more.