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Services in Lorain County

OhioGuidestone is built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise - rooted in faith and a legacy of serving children and families in need for over 150 years. Our programs serve the most vulnerable individuals in our community.Our Lorain County office opened in January 2007 (location and directions).

Counseling for Adoptive Families

Counseling that supports and strengthens adoptive families by identifying emotions that impact behavior. Go here to learn more.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy

Evidence-based treatment to help children, ages 0-5, who have experienced trauma. To learn more, please call 1.866.557.5218.

Early Childhood Mental Health Services

Our Early Childhood Mental Health Program works with children from birth to school age who are struggling with emotional or behavioral difficulties, stress or developmental adjustment problems. We offer treatment designed to strengthen relationships, in particular the parent-child relationship, and work on the specific mental health needs of the child. According to the family’s needs, sessions can be held in the home, childcare facility and/or school. Our therapists are specially trained to work with the unique needs of parents and their young children. Go here to learn more.

Foster Care

Our foster care program offers placement for children in county custody who are in need of loving homes. Through our medically fragile program we place children with medical problems, handicaps, developmental disabilities and/or traumatic separation issues, from birth to age 18. Our treatment foster care is an alternative to residential care for emotionally troubled children ages 4–18 years who need to learn ways to deal with unhealthy behaviors. Foster caregivers receive extensive training and support and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. We are able to serve youth in counties throughout the State of Ohio. Go here to learn more.

Home and Community-Based Counseling Services

Home-Based Family Treatment provides intensive child, youth and family treatment in the family home by licensed mental health professionals. Go here to learn more.

Maternal & Perinatal Depression Counseling

Counseling for pregnant women and new mothers who are struggling with depression or anxiety. Go here to learn more.

Office-Based/Outpatient Counseling

Our Outpatient Counseling Program provides personalized, professional counseling services to children, adolescents, adults and families. Counseling services available at our Lorain County office. Go here to learn more.

Psychological Mental Health Assessments

Mental health assessments that review an individual’s mental health history, education and skill levels, to provide a baseline for treatment. To learn more, please call 1.866.557.5218.

Parenting Classes

Free parenting classes that promote positive parenting, support children’s development, and increase positive family relationships. Go here to learn more.

Preschool Classroom Consultation Services

Universal classroom and targeted, individual behavioral interventions for children and their preschool classroom. Go here to learn more.


Programs that work with victims of sexual abuse, and youth who have had difficulty with healthy sexual behaviors. Go here to learn more.

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Our treatment helps individuals experiencing clinical post-traumatic stress return to a healthy state of functioning after a traumatic event. To learn more, please call 1.866.557.5218.