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Home-Based Behavioral Health Treatment

Home-Based Behavioral Health Treatment

Community Mentoring Services

Our Community Mentoring Program supports families who may need a little extra help to reduce the stress they often feel when caring for a child with emotional troubles or other special needs. Our trained mentors work with families to create a special plan to help reduce stress and exhaustion, to build a positive home life and healthy family values and to improve the relationships between children and their families.

Individual Mentoring

Mentors become friends as well as a support system for the children they work with. They help teach youth positive activities, life and social skills. By working with children one-on-one, our mentoring program gives families relief, helps keep families stable and helps to prevent youth from making harmful life choices.


Parent Mentoring

Our parent mentors teach parents effective parenting skills including appropriate discipline techniques and organizational skills such as housekeeping, routine building, menu and meal preparation and money and time management.

Our services include:

  • Special one-on-one time between the child and mentor
  • A little extra help and relief for parents
  • Help for families to reduce stress and feel more like a family
  • Mentors who are positive role models for children
  • Mentors who teach healthy life and social skills
  • Links for the family to more services and support systems close to home


Who’s Eligible?
Our Community Mentoring Program is available to children, ages 6-18, who have been referred to us through various county agencies. To learn more, call us at 440. 260.8417 if you live in Cuyahoga County or 888.522.9174 if you live in Franklin County, or email us at


Home-Based Family Treatment

Home-Based Family Treatment provides intensive child, youth and family treatment in the family home by licensed mental health professionals. The program focuses on critical problems and solutions, helping families become less overwhelmed and better able to meet every day responsibilities. By working with our trained staff, family members can begin to work together to meet life’s ongoing challenges and regain mutual respect for each other. Home- Based Family Treatment assists families at risk of having one or more of their children placed outside of their home. The program can also help to successfully transition a child back home after an out-of-home placement, hospitalization or incarceration. For more information, click here.

Juvenile Justice Programming

In collaboration with the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court, our Juvenile Justice Services aim to divert children in legal trouble from official court pro¬ceedings by empowering parents and assisting youth with developing improved social skills, such as anger management, problem solving and communication.

These services Include:

  • Individualized youth and family assessment
  • Case management services
  • Family services conveniently delivered directly to youth and families in their own homes
  • Anger management and skill building groups
  • Links to other mental health programs at Guidestone
  • Referral and links to community support, services and treatment


Who’s Eligible?
Our Juvenile Justice programs are available to youth referred to us by the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court intake officer. To learn more, call us at 440.260.8417, or email us.


Maternal Depression Counseling

Our maternal depression program offers mental health screening and assessment, as well as individual counseling services to support pregnant women and new mothers. Our experienced mental health professionals help pregnant and postpartum women struggling with depression or anxiety as a result of the recent changes in their lives through mental health assessment and individual counseling. Our staff can also offer links and referrals to a variety of other support services, including family counseling. For more information, click here.

Mental Health Assessment

Our Mental Health Assessment service reviews an individual’s mental health history, educational background, work history, interests, behavioral issues, social and emotional functioning and skill levels to provide a baseline for treatment. Most assessments are done in the client’s home, but can also be provided in one of our offices. We also provide specialty assessments including chemical dependency and sexual risk. All assessments are performed by licensed counselors and social workers and meet all Ohio Department of Mental Health requirements.


Who’s Eligible?
Our Mental Health Assessment services are available to individuals from all referring county agencies or community sources within the state of Ohio. To learn more, call us at 440.260.8300, or email us at