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About Ohio’s Children in Foster Care

More than 23,700 children in Ohio are in the foster care system each year*. Children in foster care are children who, through no fault of their own, had to be removed from their families due to abusive or neglectful situations.


The top four counties in Ohio in need of foster care families*:
Franklin County
Cuyahoga County
Hamilton County
Summit County


Ages of Children in Foster Care**:
6% under 1 year old
26% 1-5 years old
20% 6-10 years old
28% 11-15 years old
12% 16-18 years old
2% over 19 years old


How does a child end up in a foster care setting?

When it is determined that a child must be removed from his or her home, and a court grants temporary custody of the child to the public children’s services agency, the child’s caseworker will attempt to find a placement with a suitable relative to help maintain family bonds. When a suitable relative is not available, the worker will attempt to find a placement with a suitable non-relative with whom the child or family has a relationship. Suitable relatives and non-relatives are either licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services or approved by the local public children’s services agency. If the agency is unable to place the child with a relative or a non-relative who has a relationship with the family, the child is placed into a licensed foster care setting.


What is the greatest need?
Ohio is in need of foster care families for teenagers ages 13-17, sibling sets of 2 or more children and children with medical needs.


*Statistics were collected from The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Database
**Statistics were collected from The Child Welfare League of America