OhioGuidestone Current News

We are pleased to announce that OhioGuidestone’s Workforce 360 program has been honored with the prestigious EAGLE Innovation Award! EAGLE’s (Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence) Accreditation Commission recognizes EAGLE-accredited organizations that develop innovative, quality ways to approach ministry. Our Workforce 360 Program was chosen because of our impressive and innovative model that is showing big results! This year, eighty-two percent of our program graduates are currently employed and have displayed statistically significant gains in reading and math which is cultivating well-rounded, productive individuals.

Since 1984, EAGLE Accreditation has incrementally evolved as a unique, voluntary, self-assessment, peer review program for faith-based organizations. Today, EAGLE is the only faith-based accrediting body in the world, and challenges organizations not just to compete in a challenging human services environment, but to soar above the competition while living their faith values! “Workforce 360 is intervening in the community better than any program I’ve ever seen,” says EAGLE Accreditation Commissioner. “We were impressed by the lengths that OhioGuidestone and their employees will go to in order to ensure participants are successful in their pursuit of a better future while maintaining above-average results.”

Workforce 360°, OhioGuidestone’s workforce development program, helps young adults and adults to become confident not only in a professional setting, but to empower themselves in their personal lives. Many times, our participants don’t know where to begin. By addressing their needs with a full-spectrum approach, our clients become prepared to enter a professional work environment and succeed. Our comprehensive services give our participants the strength to change their lives and improve their family income. This allows them the opportunity to see a brighter future and become well-rounded, successful employees.