Faith-Based Foundations

Faith-Based Foundations

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For over 150 years, OhioGuidestone has been proud to be a connectional ministry of The United Methodist Church, East Ohio Conference. Founded by German Methodists, we are the largest of the five Health and Welfare ministries in the East Ohio Conference, serving over 23,000 children and families each year, approximately 90% of whom live at or below the federal poverty level. We value and respect our relationship and history with The United Methodist Church, and are proud to be a faith based organization guided by principles of John Wesley. Through our compassion and high quality mental and behavioral health services, we seek to empower, educate and equip our children and families and provide them with the opportunities to flourish as we believe God intends for all.

We maintain a strong connection with The United Methodist Church and the East Ohio Conference:

  • A full-time United Methodist chaplain has been part of our organization since our founding. Providing weekly ecumenical services to our children and staff to continue our faith based heritage, our chaplain is also available to our children and staff members of all faiths for personal counseling, baptisms, weddings and funerals. We fund this position through charitable support and endowment earnings, as we strongly believe having a full-time chaplain is essential to maintaining our heritage.
  • We believe faith and hope are critical components of the healing and empowerment process and we hold them as individual core values of our agency.
  • We maintain a strong connectional relationship through a formally affirmed covenant agreement that is reviewed, updated and signed by our agency Board of Directors and East Ohio Conference every three years.
  • OhioGuidestone is a founding member of the United Methodist Association, a national organization of likeminded United Methodist affiliated non-profit organizations. We participate in an intensive “Eagle” accreditation process to confirm that our services are of the highest quality, and consistent with Wesleyan principles. We have received superior ratings and maintain full accreditation. Our Chaplain, Advancement Department and Board members have received national awards for their exemplary work in the Wesleyan tradition.
  • Our Board Chairperson and our President and CEO meet regularly with Bishop Hopkins of the East Ohio Conference to review our work and explore opportunities for our agency, United Methodist Churches, and individuals to work collaboratively to improve the lives of families and children in a variety of ways.
  • The majority of our Board of Directors are individuals of the United Methodist Faith, including United Methodist ordained clergy.
  • We work with more than 60 United Methodist Churches and church groups annually to help raise awareness regarding the challenges facing those we serve. We invite The United Methodist Churches and congregation members to reach out and support our clients in needs.
  • We recruit and involve more than 300 United Methodist individuals annually as members of our Auxiliary Committee. Through this committee, individuals help advocate for issues facing children and families we serve and to provide support for our work with children and families.
  • We communicate regularly with all United Methodist churches through several agency publications, including our Seeds of Faith newsletter, to help churches stay up-to-date on our faith-based work and our mission.
  • We welcome requests from all East Ohio Conference churches to come and provide updates about our work.
  • We believe the specialized programming of Guidestone compliments the mission outreach of the United Methodist Churches in serving the least among us, as Jesus preached

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